Rachel is the perfect yoga teacher. She is patient, calming and creates an atmosphere that is relaxing yet energising! I always leave feeling so peaceful. Her classes are perfect for those who are beginners like myself or for those who have practised yoga before. She is so knowledgeable and walks you through all the moves and demonstrates them beautifully. I never thought that I would have enjoyed yoga half as much as I do. I can now say happily that I love yoga!  Thank you for bringing yoga into life!
Katie, teacher - group class


I was sceptical as to the benefits of yoga to begin with, but Rachel delivered a really thoughtful series of sessions, specifically designed with my aims of improved balance and flexibility in mind and worked through at a pace that suited me. The end result is that I can achieve poses that l thought were beyond me! She combines physical and spiritual teaching with a challenging and fun style. At the end of each session l always feel much improved!
Nick, partner, city law firm - one-to-one yoga


I have been going to Rachel Ridley Yoga since January and as a beginner I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Rachel is encouraging, knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for yoga is indeed infectious. To take ninety minutes out of my week to practise yoga has made a real difference to me in many ways - both physically and emotionally.
Julie, nurse - group class


Initially I was a bit worried that everybody would be much better than me, that I would do the poses wrong or even hurt myself but Rachel very quickly puts everyone at ease.  She is very outgoing and friendly but also makes it quite clear that you don't have to be perfect at the poses to get something out of yoga, and that you can go at your own pace. Rachel is very mindful of those people who have any  injuries and offers modifications and alternatives. Each class built from the previous one, which meant there was definite progress which I found highly motivating. As a runner, I have found it an excellent supplement to my regular training.  After each class I felt I had had a good workout and a much more interesting one than being stuck in the gym.  I could really feel it in my upper body and also my core, which were the main reasons for me doing yoga in the first place. But the biggest surprise to me was the relaxation side, and I found myself embracing this more and more as we went through the  course.  I really did feel more relaxed and enjoyed the final relaxation feeling as if nothing in the world could bother me!
Karl, director, market research - group class


Rachel is a natural teacher whose enthusiasm for yoga is catching. She begins her classes with a thought-provoking quote, providing an insight into what we are trying to achieve. Rachel makes suggestions to allow me to access yoga at my own pace in a warm and friendly environment, I leave each week feeling relaxed and centred. Rachel obviously enjoys motivating us to integrate yoga into our busy lives; I recommend Rachel if you are a beginner or you know yoga well – there’s something for everyone.
Faye, teacher - group class


I was always very sceptical about yoga and how it can strengthen the body and mind. That was until I started practising yoga in Rachel's class. I am amazed at how my body and mind have benefited. I have learnt to relax and free my mind as well as build stamina and make my muscles stronger.  Rachel is a truly inspirational teacher with so much patience and a wonderful calming voice. I am hooked!
Sally, teaching assistant - group class


I have been going to yoga lessons with Rachel for a few months now and can really feel it doing me good. The pace of each class is good and she knows what we can all manage so we can each work at our own level. I leave the classes feeling relaxed and know that I'm getting a bit stronger each time. I have done yoga elsewhere before but this is the first time I feel I've got the hang of the breathing and have been inspired to do a bit of yoga at home between classes too.
Nadia, administrator - group class