Vinyasa yoga or Vinyasa Flow yoga is often interpreted as moving with breath, or moving in a flowing, continuous way. Whilst a Vinyasa yoga class certainly incorporates these elements it offers so much more!

The term "vinyasa" is derived from the Sanskrit nyasa, which means "to place", and the prefix vi "in a special way" and so means "to place in a special way."  Our Vinyasa Flow yoga classes are carefully sequenced to offer students real opportunity for transformation, both physically and mentally. A class includes breath work (pranayama) to soothe the nervous system, warm up sequences and sun salutations to open the body, yoga poses (asana) to build strength and increase flexibility and relaxation (savasana) to allow the body and mind to fully absorb the benefits of the class. Students leave feeling energised but relaxed and over time strength and flexibility increase.  The Vinyasa Krama system offers clear progression for students to deepen their practice, or modify as needed - making it ideal for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Expect to find new freedom, strength and openness, and to relax deeply!